Vanessa Shaw

I am a mother of four children – two boys aged 11 (Grade 6) and 6 (Grade 1) and two girls aged 3 years (Pre-kinder room) and 18 months (Baby Room). I live in Taylors Hill. I have always returned to the workplace/study full-time after taking 12 months maternity leave and each of my children have attended Oarsome Drive Childcare Centre from around 12 months of age, until they started Primary School. My eldest son will start secondary school in 2015, and many of his carers at Oarsome Drive are still there looking after my girls in the Pre-Kinder and Baby Room.

I still remember looking for childcare centres after having my first child 11 years ago. It was daunting and stressful, and I spent much of my maternity leave visiting centres so I could make the best choice for my child when I returned to the workplace. The moment I walked into Oarsome Drive Childcare, my intuition kicked in when Mara from the Baby Room (who is still there today!) took my son from my arms and kissed and cuddled him in front of me, exactly the way I do. That was it! My decision was made, and Oarsome Drive Childcare has continued to love my children ever since.

Oarsome Drive Childcare is a small, clean centre set in a cosy home-like setting. I consider the carers there to be like my sisters. They love my children in the same way we love them, and they truly care for every aspect of their welfare. I have complete faith in the carers, and honestly never, ever worry about my children when I am at work. They have a great cook too, and offer the children a healthy variety of foods.

My children have grown up to be socially well-adjusted children. My eldest child is School Captain and has been awarded a Leadership Scholarship at a Secondary School. My children have always been extremely happy and healthy children, and have loved attending the Centre. The daily activities are creative and entertaining for the children.

The Centre is flexible in settling children into the Centre – talk to the Director who will suggest some strategies to assist this process. I have used a couple of different methods, and it really depends on your child. I am very happy to talk to you about my experience as a Mum with children in Childcare. I have two children currently at the Centre. Please ask Rebecca to put you in touch with me if you want to have a chat. Best wishes to you and your family.

  • November 29, 2014